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How Much Does SWIM Cost?

We have a registration fee for all of our participants plus a room and board fee for those who plan to stay at Owaissa Bauer. There are motels in the area where you will find slightly more civilized accommodations, including your very own bathroom, but you will miss some of the excitement and joy of our community life.

Our delicious meals may be purchased individually or as a discount package by those not staying at camp. The discount for meals for the full week without lodging is $50 less than the applicable Room & Board Fee. Individual meals are $3 for breakfast, $5 for lunch, and $7 for dinner.

Registration Fee
  Age   Before Dec. 1st   After Dec. 1st
  0 – 12 $40 $60
13 – 17 $60 $80
18+ $100 $120

Room & Board Fee
  Age   Due Dec. 26th
0 – 5 $65
  6 – 12 $85
13 – 17 $110
18+ $160


The first $25 of the registration fee is non-refundable. Refunds of the remainder are available if notice of cancellation is sent to the registrar before December 1st. Fees for Outdoor Adventures are refundable until the close of registration on December 26th. After that refunds will be given only for trips for which SWIM has incurred no expense (this does not include sailing or hot tubbing!) or trips which were canceled due to lack of attendance or poor weather conditions.

Motel SWIM – Something New

For the comfort lovers among us who can afford to pay a bit more, we now have motel accommodations. The Villager Lodge (305-248-2121), located at 1020 US 1 in nearby Homestead, is offering twelve rooms at the special price of $45/night plus tax. Rooms include A/C, refrigerators, TV, phone – nothing fancy, but well-run and clean. To reserve one of these rooms, you must make reservations directly (ask for Beverly) and guarantee your room on your credit card before December 1st. Some shuttle service will be provided by SWIM! Room & Board Fees for Motel SWIM residents will be discounted $50.

About the Registration Fee

This registration fee includes non-fee workshops and programs, campfire, worship, Serendipity, and our exciting New Year’s Eve celebration. Participants are expected to register for and participate in our entire week in order to share in our intentional community.

SWIM is an intentional community and unregistered persons may not participate in our program. People who are not registered may not be at Owaissa Bauer during SWIM. After December 26th no new registrations will be accepted. This means that if you will arrive late, such as the morning of December 27th, you must send your registration in advance. If you have a question you may call Dee Medley, our director.

The only exception to the full registration fee is that unregistered friends and relatives may attend our New Year’s Eve celebration for a fee of $35. This is not a fee for food and drink. This fee only covers SWIM overhead for the evening and a light snack while available. It’s our way to open SWIM up to friends and family who might have conflicting commitments during SWIM week this year but want an introduction to SWIM and get a taste of the fun for next year’s SWIM!

About the Room & Board Fee

The room and board fee includes either a tent site or a bed in one of our dormitories, the use of our bathroom facilities, and parking in a large lot away from the camping area. Both forms of lodging are assigned on a first come, first served basis. For safety and peace no cars are allowed in the camping area after late afternoon on December 26th.

The dormitories consist of six buildings, each divided into two areas, and each of these with a more private room which is normally reserved for staff. Each of the larger rooms has ten cots. We are an intergenerational community, but we recognize that people tend to form closer friendships with others of similar age, so we do consider this when assigning space in our dormitories.

Marty McAnulty, our registrar, is willing and even anxious to work with participants to be certain that the rooming arrangements are as close to ideal as possible. If you have a number of people who would like to stay in one area, please contact him and explain your needs. We do our best to assign people to our dormitories in a way which provides the greatest opportunity for community building, but our facilities are limited and when the most popular dorm areas are filled we must find places for our community where there is space. Our camping area is also quite limited and fills quickly, so be sure to send your registration early to get the accommodations you prefer.

Up to eighty participants may camp in tents or small RV’s along drives at the rear of camp. They pay all of the same fees as those who stay in the dorms. No electricity and no hookups are provided. RV’s may not leave their sites after the evening of December 26th through New Years Day, and no cars may be parked in the camping areas.

The board fee covers three wonderful meals a day, starting with dinner on December 26th and ending with an extra late night snack on New Year’s Eve. A pick-up breakfast that consists of bagels with accouterments, leftovers, coffee, and juice is available on New Year’s morning. All of our food is prepared at camp by our wonderful staff of cooks with the assistance of participant-volunteers.

Other Off-site accomodations

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