Map with Directions to SWIM 2000

The address is 17001 SW 264 St., Homestead, FL and the phone number is (305) 247-9975. (This is wrong in the old 1999 brochure.) This pay phone number is used for brief incoming calls for all participants, so you might not get through the first time.

By air:

You should fly into Miami International Airport. Supershuttle commercial service from the airport to the church ($14) or to camp ($42) is available. Please call 305-871-2000 to verify prices and to make arrangements. Prices decrease for multiple passengers.

SWIM provides limited transportation to camp – on December 26th only – using our rented vans. You must call ahead or fill in the appropriate area on the registration form to arrange for this; we send the vans only if we know someone is waiting for them. The pickup times are 10am, 1pm, and 3pm on December 26th.

Please meet any SWIM ride or van at the end of Concourse H, the "designated" SWIM pick-up area, outside the Delta and USAir departure area upstairs in fresh air and sunshine, not on the baggage claim level.

On New Year’s morning we must return our rented vans, so we combine this with the need for some participants to get to the airport. We will send vans to the airport at 9AM and Noon. If you can drive one of these vans for us please volunteer as a driver on your registration form.

By car:

Unless you live in the Florida Keys you will be driving south! SWIM is south of Miami in Homestead. Take I-95 south, drive west and then south on SR 826. You can either take SR 826 to the end, exiting on US1, or take 874 to the Florida Turnpike Extension SR 821.

If you take I-75, you will probably want to take the Florida Turnpike south, following the orange sun signs toward Key West. Finish your trip following the directions below for the turnpike.

From US1, turn right on 264 St. (Bauer Dr.) to Camp Owaissa Bauer, on the right just past 167 Ave. (Tennessee Rd.)

From the Florida Turnpike, take Tallahassee (SW 137 Ave.) north. Turn left (west) on 264 St. (Bauer Dr.) Turn right into Owaissa Bauer, just past 167 Ave. (Tennessee Rd.)

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