Outdoor Adventures


We have workshops of almost every description for you to learn, grow, enjoy, play, and share while you are at SWIM. Adults, children, Almost Teens, and Teens are encouraged to sign up for workshops. Many workshops are intended for all ages. Workshops with age limits may be open to younger ages if accompanied by an adult (who may not have to be a parent - please check with instructor).
    Workshops usually go smoother if the leader knows before hand how many people are coming. So, as a courtesy to workshop leaders, please pre-register if you think you'll go. Some workshops have limits and may fill up, so don't wait to register, you might not get in. You can also check the SWIM website ( for changes & additions.
    All of our workshop leaders are volunteers. If you have something you'd like to share, either this year or next, contact our workshop coordinator, Candy Gale, at 813-931-7957, or email her at Workshop leaders get lots of appreciation and a T-shirt!
    This year, we've switched up our numbering system to try to make it more useful to first-timers and everyone else...
    First digit indicates the day...
000's are the 27th/Saturday
100's are the 28th/Sunday
200's are the 29th/Monday
300's are the 30th/Tuesday
400's are New Year's Eve/Wednesday
    Second digit indicates the time of day...
00's are all day
10's are in the morning
20's are in the afternoon
30's are in the late afternoon
40's are in the evening
    Multi-day workshops are numbered according to the first time they meet.

Saturday, December 27th, Morning

010 Morning Yoga
Before SWIM's daily workshops begin each morning, come stretch with us for awhile. Light Yoga is designed for every "body". No advanced postures or difficult positions this early in the morning. Eat a light, early breakfast then join us at 8:30 a.m. each day, or whenever you can make it. Some instruction will be offered for those unfamiliar with introductory yoga. These gentle sessions are just the thing for those a bit shy or intimidated by exercise or even the name "yoga". Bring a beach towel or mat, loose fitting clothes, water (optional but suggested).
Grant Wilson, M. Ed. Yoga student for 15 yrs., instructor for 5 yrs. in Tampa.
Free. Daily, 8:30am-9:30am. All Ages

011 Koeksusters ("cake sisters")
Koeksusters in the Afrikaans language, are braided dough strips deep fried in oil and immediately drenched in heavy syrup. Come and help braid the dough and consume this delicious South African confection!
Elizabeth Norval was born and raised in South Africa. Although of British descent, she became familiar with the Afrikaans culture and its delectable dishes. She will share her experiences of Africa while teaching the art of making koeksusters.
Free. Sat 10am-12noon.

012 Facing Inner Fears
Coming to an understanding of what fear is and how it can be an immobilizing or propelling force in one's life, living and choices; identifying your fear, embracing it and choosing to live with or without your fear. This workshop will examine the reasons behind fear, personality issues and methods of relieving anxiety and simplifying personal lifestyles. We will use discussion, questionnaires, exercises, meditation and audio/video media.
Sharon Zens has spent her lifetime pursuing sociological and psychological understanding of herself and others. Her background is as diverse as her interests. Professionally, she has been a computer programmer/analyst for over 20 years. She is also an ordained Spiritualist minister. Experience: Life, personal and professional. Sharon has inspired from the pulpit as well as individual counselling. Situational training: she is a certified advanced diver and has logged more than 30 solo hours in small aircraft.
Free. Sat 10am-12noon. Ages 13+

013 Musical Workshop - Guitar
Guitar-based. Improving guitar technique, accompanying singers, and playing for group singing. This may happen on additional days.
Lyle Baskin has been playing guitar for 40 yrs. Still trying to figure it out. Join him for some musical exploration.
Free. Sat, 10am-12noon.

014 Staying Slim Easily by Counting Carbs
The Zone Diet.... Dieting for Big Eaters.... Counting those carbs... Why deprive yourself and be hungry just to lose weight? Limiting carbohydrates becomes a lifestyle choice easy to follow. Learn the rules and explore the endless options. "The Zone" improves health while keeping weight off.
Elle Long is a long-time SWIMer who enjoys dining at SWIM.
Free, Sat, 10am-12 noon.

Saturday, December 27th, Afternoon

021 The Joy of Massage
You'll learn how to give a back massage that will have them melting in your hands! By the end of the workshop you'll be able to locate the knots and tense spots and use hands, forearms, and elbows to relax muscles and ease pain. This is a great workshop for couples who want to learn to work on each other.
Chris Roman, PhD, works for the Defense Department in Washington. But his real passion in life is massage therapy. This is the third year he has offered his workshop, which continues to draw a crowd. Chris graduated professional massage school in 2001 and got nationally certified in 2002.
Free. Sat, 2pm-4pm. Ages 13+

022 Aromatherapy
How can smells affect our moods and feelings? Come find out how this largely overlooked sense impacts our lives.
Lara Dean Shephard is on teen staff at SWIM. By SWIM 2003, she will have completed 2/3 of the training required to be an official aromatherapist. She is going to share what she's learned in this aromatherapy workshop.
Free. Sat, 2pm-4pm.

023 D.Y.I. Digs
Why pay big bucks for mass produced mall fashions when you can make your own styles AND stick it to the man at the same time? We'll be silk screening our own shirts, turning bike tires into bracelets, making headbands, armbands, rearranging old clothing, transforming seatbelts into belt-belts, and learning to knit. If you want to have your own screen printing set-up, bring a kit (most art stores carry them). Definitely bring, shirts for printing, socks with cool patterns, blown bike tires, old seat belts, yarn, and any well-loved clothes that are past their prime or "trash" that would look fabulous as an accessory.
The SWIM Teens are adept at turning trash into treasure and are fully proficient in the pedagogy of being cool and having fun. We learn something new every year.
Fee $7. Sat, 2pm-4pm.

024 A Wake Before Death
In this friendly gathering we are going to take a playful look at the rituals and practices surrounding death and expand our view of personal options from purely practical concerns to community and spiritual rituals as the celebration at the end life. We will begin to explore what is important to each of us about our own death. What are your wishes to be carried out as you die and after you die, and have you told your loved ones? After a little thought provoking discussion we will creatively explore wishes and desires about our own deaths through art, writing and play. Avoiding death is not an option, so of the choices you do have-what's your pleasure? This will not be a serious death and dying workshop, not therapy, not about avoiding death or affording death and not about grief or fear of death. Bring your child heart and your old lady wisdom, we're gonna have a wake before death. Bring a pillow, pad or comfortable chair if you wish.
rebecca moon is a women's health practitioner and mother of the beautiful Cody. She sees that often people fail to speak with loved ones about what is important to them concerning death. She believes that, if we creatively look at the rituals and practices surrounding death, death will become less fearful and more spiritual and meaningful for each of us.
Free. Sat, 2pm-4pm.

Saturday, December 27th, Late Afternoon

031 Sampling the Sensual Six Pack
Is your beer an epicurean eyeful, does it titillate you tastebuds, or even cause an olfactory orgasm? If not help is available here and you might learn something about beer. Participants must bring 1 or 2 six-packs of lager, ale or barley wine (no big bland beers please), depending on your level of participation. Leader will explain beer and all its variations until serious philosophical discourse subdues the otherwise laid-back environment. Suggested Books: Pocket Guide to Beer by Michael Jackson (Simon and Schuster), or any of his other written works.
Jon Hoskin is a home brewer with Ph.D. in Food Science, and a previous university faculty member in Dairy and Food Science Departments and member of nutrition programs. He has also evaluated beer for The World Beer Review (now out of print).
Fee: a good six-pack and a sense of humor. Every day, except Tues. 4pm-6pm. Ages 21+

032 The Women's Group
Join us in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere as we share our stories. Daily topics will come from the interests of the participants, and will reflect who we are and where we are going. We will offer to one another courage for our journeys.
Janice McArthur is a woman and has been one for a while.
Free. Fri-Tues, 4pm-6pm. Drop in. Ages 12+

033 The Men's Group
Join us in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere as we share our stories. Daily topics will come from the interests of the participants, and will reflect who we are and where we are going. We will offer to one another courage for our journeys.
Bob Jacober is a man himself and has been one for a long time.
Free. Fri-Tues, 4pm-6pm. Drop in. Ages 12+

Saturday, December 27th, Evening

041 Cha-cha and West Coast Swing Lessons
Learn to communicate and express yourself through the rhythms of the cha-cha and West Coast Swing. You will be lead patiently and thoroughly through the basic lead and follow of West Coast Swing and cha-cha. Please plan on attending at least 3 of the 4 sessions as each class will build upon the previous class.
Jam Jenkins is the Social Director of the Duke University Dance Team and recently took 2nd place in the Triangle Invitational Advanced West Coast Swing division.
Free. Nightly 8:15pm-10:15pm. Ages 13+

Sunday, December 28th, Morning

111 The Jung and the Restless
What Jungian psychology has to say about UUs and others.
Ward Knights is Minister Emeritus of the First Unitarian Church of Miami, has a doctorate in pastoral theology and counseling, and has studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.
Free, Sun 10am-12noon.

112 Tea Tasting
Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, yet few people could tell you the difference between Orange Pekoe, Pouchong and a Pu-Erh. Participants will learn the basics of tea, tea tasting terms and how to taste. We will then spend most of the time tasting various teas (real tea, and only one flavored variety). We start with a few popular blends and move to the considerably more expensive "fine" teas. Suggested Books: The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura.
Jon Hoskin, Ph.D. Food Scientist, previously university faculty member in Dairy and Food Science Departments. Jon says "I am a long time tea drinker. You can't taste beer all the time!"
Fee: $5. Sun 10am-12noon.

113 Free Writing
This will include free verse using some exercises from BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamont and practice for Coffeehouse. Gentle critique and coaching on reading your own written word aloud.
Kate Couch is a long-time SWIMer, has held almost every staff position at SWIM. And every year we learn once again that there is no limit to what she can do - as she teaches us that there is no limit to what we can do.
Free, Sun 10am-12noon.

114 Blessed Beading: Make a Treasure Necklace or Bracelet [Limit 8]
If you can guide a needle, you can make your own wearable art. Bring your treasures...beads, buttons, charms, old jewelry parts, anything with a hole in it that can be strung. Trade with others or use some of Sharon's collected treasures to create a necklace or bracelet. Base beads & string supplies will be provided.
Sharon Beecher has been a crafty woman most of her life and a beadweaver for 5 years. She loves those little bits of colored light. Her joy is teaching others to love beads.
Fee $5. Sun and Tues 10am-12noon. Ages 12+ or ages 9+ with an adult.

Sunday, December 28th, Afternoon

121 7-Cent Juggling
You'll learn how to make homemade juggling balls out of old tennis balls and then how to juggle them! They're called 7-cent juggling balls because you put 7 pennies inside the balls to weigh them down. Bring old tennis balls and pennies.
Teresa Kochis is a visual and performance artist specializing in aerial dance. Trained in circus arts, she currently works as a social circus instructor for Cirque du Monde, Cirque du Soleil's outreach program.
Free. Sun, 2pm-4pm. All Ages.

122 Indian Herbal Medicine
Learn the use of herbal medicines as it has been handed down by indigenous peoples.
Steve Baker is a pharmacist who has studied herbs for many years. He has a special interest in herbs used in Amerindian healing rituals and their stories.
Free. Sun, 2pm-4pm.

123 Tie Dyeing
It's not just for kids - it's for anyone creative of spirit and fashionable of soul. Learn not just how to make circles, but spirals, arrows, stripes, figures, and more. Learn what dyes are truly colorfast, bright and beautiful and how to permanently set them. Don't leave SWIM unadorned. Workshop fee covers enough dye for one t-shirt. For more items, or larger items, please bring an additional $4 per item to the workshop. A small number of white t-shirts will available at an additional charge. You should bring your own things to dye.
Allen Bergal has been making and selling tie dyed shirts, and teaching tie dying at SUUSI and SWIM, for years.
Fee $4. Sun, 1pm-4pm. All Ages.

124 Biological Origins of Religion
About three million years ago in Africa the human line is believed to have separated from other primate groups. Around 200,000 years ago modern humans probably separated from other human groups and evolved as a distinct species. Although this is still controversial to some paleontologists, modern humans are thought to have arisen first in Africa and spread from there to other parts. Modern humans have larger brain capacity than most other human groups and this is thought to have been crucial in their ability to evolve symbolic logic and language. The advent of modern humans in Europe which is comparatively recent is associated with the appearance of advanced tools and the ability to use materials other than stone for their formation. Modern humans also began to make art and to do so in contexts which are thought to have religious significance. We will discuss what a religion is ( a difficult definition) and how religion is believed to be useful to human survival and propagation. We will also discuss evolutionary theory and how this affects our religious beliefs. Although this is a subject in itself worthy of a workshop we will briefly discuss some religious responses to what many regard as the evolutionary challenge to traditional belief.
Ernie Wilson has been part of the SWIM family for a long time. You may know him as Outdoor Adventure staff. This year he's taking us into another realm and exploring the biological origins of religion.
Free. Sun, 2pm-4pm.

Monday, December 29th, Morning

211 Living Wills
It's probably safe to say that most people think that having a living will is a good idea, but I suspect many of us have some questions about who, what, when, and how. Cay will help answer some of the questions you may have.
Cay Cahalin is a Nurse Practitioner who works with elderly people and would like you to have the information to make some decisions that you and your family might be glad of in the future. Be forewarned that this is the only time during SWIM that Cay will be serious about anything.
Free, Mon, 10am-12noon.

Tuesday, December 30th, Morning

311 Everything You always wanted to know about Witchcraft but were afraid to ask [limit 20]
Actually, it's called Wicca, and it is a religion. It is both old and new, and has many parallels with UUism. Bring your questions. After some introductory material, the leaders will provide some memorable answers. See for more information. Recommended Reading: A Guide For the Solitary Practitioner, Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul Minnesota, 1992. Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler. Beacon Press, Boston, 1986.
Kip Barkley is a founding member of the Moonpath CUUPS (Covenant of UU Pagans) chapter in Ft. Lauderdale ( and an Elder within the covenant of the Goddess ( He refers to his Pagan Study Group as a coven of solitaries.
Mary Ann Somervill has been a UU for the last three decades and a Wiccan for the last one. A friend told her recently that she was getting witchier all the time. Mary Ann took that as a compliment.
Free, Tues, 10am-12noon.

312 "Let's Face It" water color portraits [limit 10]
Using watercolors and paper provided, learn how to sketch a face and then render it in watercolor. Beginners will also get a brief intro to color mixing. Bring brushes if you have them.
Emily Sokoloff has a BFA from Mass. College of Art and is a member of Miami Watercolor Society, Gold Coast Watercolor Society, and the Florida Watercolor Society. She is an active painter, has had watercolors accepted in many juried shows, and taught many beginners to paint successfully.
Fee $6. Tues 10am-12noon. Ages 12+

313 The State of the Universe
What happened last year? How did the Universe begin? How will it end? Gravitational lensing of cold, dark, matter by galaxies. Rotation of black holes. Measurements of the microwave background of the universe made at the south pole upholds the "inflationary" era before the "big bang". Gravity wave detectors. Stationary light. Magnesium boride superconductors. Tiny, thermoelectric refrigerators. Neutrino observatories. A diamond as big as the Ritz. Solid helium. Ozone hole is bigger. Some new scientific toys - and much, much more!
Ron Edge is a Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus at the University of South Carolina. Past President of the American Association of Physics Teachers. He has researched at Cambridge, Aarhus, Stanford, Sussex, Munich, Witwatersrand, the Australian National Universities, California Institute of Technology, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center. He also rings bells and plays the accordion, though not all at the same time.
Free. Tues, 10pm-12noon. All ages.

Tuesday, December 30th, Afternoon

321 A Theory of Everything
Ken Wilber's latest book all boiled down to two hours. You've heard of his research, now come get introduced to it. We will cover levels of consciousness, memes, how to grow your own consciousness, a perspective on civil strive, understanding conflicts in your congregation and "political correctness."
Mark Evans was raised UU, has been using memes and levels of consciousness in everyday life for 10 years (as well as teaching them). He is a former therapist, NLP Trainer, Rationalist, and now an aspiring Mystic.
Free. Tues 2pm-4pm. Ages 18+

322 Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll 'em, Sue-sheeee.
Might want to take a light lunch before this workshop. Learn to make your favorite rolls (sushi that is) and then chow down.
Britt Dunn, Jenny Hamil, and teens.
Fee $5. Tues 2pm-4pm.

323 Partners Yoga
Have you ever practiced yoga with someone as a partner. Light yoga stretching using beginning yoga postures are modified so that two people must interact together in order to achieve them. Sometimes called couples yoga, this exercise program is perfect for friends as well as significant others and spouses. Come with a partner and experience an enjoyable two hours with us. Bring: beach towel or mat, loose fitting clothes, tights, shorts, water.
Grant Wilson, M. Ed. Yoga student for 15 yrs., instructor for 5 yrs. in Tampa Diana Stevens Yoga student for 18 years. Assistant instructor for 5 years in Tampa.
Free. Tues 2pm-4pm.

324 Singing, chanting, meditation and basic songwriting
The title says it all. For a taste, go to
Ann Hoffman is an amazing treasure in our community.
Free. Tues 2pm-4pm.

Wednesday, December 31st, All Day

401 New Year's Eve Decoration
Learn the secrets the pros use to magically transform an ordinary space into something special. You will learn how to create a mood with light, color, theme and planning. We'll also transform our dining hall in a New Year's Eve dreamscape...
Nancy McDermott and Lyle Baskin have been transforming spaces at SWIM and professionally for decades.
Free. Wed, All day. Drop in. All Ages.

Wednesday, December 31st, Morning

411 Poncho's Never Ending Workshop
This is one of SWIM's most popular workshops. Come with an empty string and gather pearls of wisdom from Poncho and your fellow swimsters. It's a great close for an old year to get ready for an even better new one.
Poncho Heavener doesn't like to brag about himself, so he hasn't given us any biographical information in years, but we love him anyway.
Free. Wed, 10am-12noon. Ages 13+

412 Ritual of the Mormon Temple Ceremony
In this workshop we will analyze how the Mormon faith uses ritual to grow what literary-turned-religious critic Harold Bloom calls "The American Religion" into one of the most watched religious phenomena of our day. We will look at the origins of this most sacred of Mormon rites as well as its development over time and how its content has changed over time to accommodate political and social pressures. We'll focus on how the Mormon religion uses its temples to solidify its membership into a cohesive unit and discuss what other groups can learn from the Mormon experience.
David Cox was a sixth-generation Utah Mormon who left the faith formally called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" in 1998 and soon thereafter discovered Unitarian-Universalism. David, who had been a lay leader at some of the highest levels of the lay-led faith, now views Mormonism as a classical fear-based cult. This workshop will build on concepts discussed at David's last workshop on the Mormonism given at SWIM in 2000.
Free. Wed, 10am-12noon.

Wednesday, December 31st, Afternoon

421 Direct Action
What exactly was Ghandi and Martin Luther King doing and how does it work? Can it still work today? Yes. Come and learn what is going on in the forefront of direct action. What it can do and what it can't. How to go to jail in support of a cause and how to make sure you don't.
Mary Adams is a long-time UU and activist. She has actually served time for non-violent civil disobedience at the Oak Ridge National Lab weapons plant.
Free. Wed, 2pm-4pm, Ages 14+

422 Partner Acrobatics
The most fun two people can have outside the bedroom. Come see what Theresa has up her sleeve.
Theresa Kochis is a visual and performance artist specializing in aerial dance. Trained in circus arts, she currently works as a social circus instructor for Cirque du Monde, Cirque du Soleil's outreach program.
Free. Wed, 2pm-4pm.

Outdoor Adventures

We have planned many exciting things for our community to do in the greater Miami area, which includes Everglades National Park, the Florida Keys, and Biscayne Bay. Some of these trips are quite adventurous while others are quite tame-be sure you read the descriptions carefully to be certain the trip matches your abilities. Some of our trips require advance reservations, and others may fill because of their popularity. You should register early for your Outdoor Adventures to ensure that you have a place and that your trips are not cancelled. You may add a trip any time the Outdoor Adventures staff is working (not in the shower or at dinner!) up to the time the trip leaves.
    We will be in South Florida in December-this means that the weather will be either wet or dry and the temperatures will probably be somewhere between 32 and 90. We expect sunshine in the 70's, but we can't promise. So you should bring clothing which can be layered for warmth and for protection from wind and rain if necessary, and which can be shed as the temperature and your physical efforts increase.
    Most trips will require shoes. For most hiking and water adventures you should wear shoes that don't mind getting wet. Flip-flops and loose sandals may be great for the beach, but they are dangerous when they are worn on a swamp walk. Sturdy tied shoes are needed for hiking! On swamp walks, you can count on your shoes getting soaked.
    With the exception of trips that specify that you must bring money for meals, any adventure that extends over meal times at Owaissa Bauer will include culinary delights packed by our excellent kitchen staff.
    We rent vans which are used by our entire community for their programs. Outdoor Adventures uses these when they are available, but many of our trips must carpool. We need volunteers to drive on those trips! Yes, you are on vacation, but so are we, and when we ask for volunteer drivers, we hope you will volunteer for the good of SWIM. In the event a van is NOT available for an offsite trip, we are happy to reimburse approved volunteer carpool drivers a preset amount per person (approximately equivalent to $1 per 15 minutes of driving time to the destination). In this case, if you wish to get reimbursed for driving your own car and taking others with you, you must get a voucher from Bruce Wheeler prior to the trip. Volunteer drivers in carpools must refrain from the use of alcohol and must provide their license number and proof of insurance.
    Outdoor adventures leave on time - or even early! Come to the dining hall porch 10 minutes before your trip is scheduled to leave with all required clothing, equipment, water, and any extras you may find useful. Once we have counted heads, written checks for outfitters, and given away space in the vehicles, your chance to go is over!
    Children are welcome on many of our trips. Age restrictions are included in the trip descriptions. If you are leaving children at camp, they must be under the care of a responsible adult. If your trip will extend beyond the times for youth programming you must arrange for their care and supervision.
    This year, we've switched up our numbering system to try to make it more useful to first-timers and everyone else...
    First digit indicates the day...
500's are the 27th/Saturday
600's are the 28th/Sunday
700's are the 29th/Monday
800's are the 30th/Tuesday
900's are New Year's Eve/Wednesday
    Second digit indicates the time of day...
00's are all day
10's are in the morning
20's are in the afternoon
30's are in the late afternoon
40's are in the evening

Saturday, December 27th, All Day

505 Day Sail I - Clothed [limit 20]
Sail the warm, protected waters of Biscayne Bay on large (30'-48') sailboats with experienced sailors. Lie back and enjoy the sun or try your hand at the wheel and trimming the sails. We'll anchor for lunch and a swim break. This trip is "Clothed"; 205 on Sunday will be "Clothing optional." We will stop for beer, wine, soft drinks, and munchies on the way to the docks. Bring snacks $$. Lunch provided.
Fee $38. Sat, 8:30am-5pm. Ages 13+

506 Shark Slough Adventure [14]
Take a leisurely trip to see the best of Everglades National Park and the mysterious Big Cypress Preserve. Ranger Bob will be your guide. Alligators. wading birds and wildlife plus a stop at Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery. Bring water, snacks, camera, binoculars. Bring snack $$. Lunch provided. Includes tram ride.
Fee $22. Sat, 7:30am-4pm. Ages 7+

Saturday, December 27th, Morning

515 Long Pine Key Hike [limit 14]
Hike in the Everglades on an interpretive tour with Ernie Wilson, SWIM's favorite botanist. The 4-mile hike will be on the Old Ingraham Highway research road (hard surface).
Fee $6. Sat, 7:30am-Noon. Ages 10+

516 Vizcaya [limit 14]
Enjoy a guided tour of the winter residence of industrialist James Deering. Designed and built to look like a home that had been in a family over four centuries, it contains one of the finest collections of 16th through 19th century decorative arts. Bring $$ for lunch and snacks.
Fee $18. Sat, 9am-1:00pm. All ages.

517 Thai Buddhist Monastery [14]
We'll visit a local Buddhist temple for a period of meditation and conversation with the monks. This monastery is about 10 minutes from Owaissa Bauer.
Fee $2. Sat, 9:30am-12noon. Ages 13+

518 Owaissa Bauer Walk [no limit]
At SWIM, there is a lot to see in our own back yard! A naturalist will take us on a trek through the tropical hardwood hammock, the pinelands, the poisonwood areas, and the "solution holes" or "bear caves" on the camp property. You'll be amazed at the incredible diversity of plant life that thrives in our corner of S. Florida. Great Family Trip.
Fee $3. Sat, 8:15am-10am. All Ages.

Saturday, December 27th, Afternoon

525 Nine Mile Pond Canoe [16]
A great trip for the not-too-experienced canoeist, although ingenuity and resourcefulness may be required. Some paddling instruction will be included. Nine Mile Pond is an excellent spot for alligators and bird life. Beyond, the trail twists and turns through a maze of mangrove clumps in the saw grass glades...not your ordinary trail. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Lunch provided.
Fee $20. Sat, 12noon-5pm. Ages 13+

526 Russian Baths [limit 14]
Relax in luxury at "The Schvitz", where the old guard meets the new in eucalyptus-scented Turkish steam rooms and aroma baths bolstered by marble columns. This spa, a national historic landmark located at a Miami Beach hotel, offers a Russian Radiant Room, Aromatherapy Steam Room, Turkish Room, Redwood Sauna and Swedish Showers. Topless permitted. Additional services (massage, etc.) available at additional cost. Bring $$ for snacks.
Fee $24. Sat, 1:30pm-5:30pm. Ages 13+

527 Wildlife Rehab Center - The Tour! [no limit]
The WRC is dedicated to the care, medical needs, and housing of abused and injured animals, specializing in large felines including over 15 panthers. We'll learn some of the stories of specific animals from the staff. We'll also stop at Robert Is Here on the return trip for fruit and milkshakes. Our fee includes donation. Bring snack $$.
Fee $6. Sat, 1pm-4pm. Ages 13+

528 Alabama Jack's [no limit]
Join the local folks for a good time - conch fritters and chowder, drinks, live country music, dancing/clogging and lots of fun. It's in an open-air, rustic setting on Barnes Sound next to Card Sound Bridge. Bring $$ for food and beverages. Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Sat 1pm-6pm. Ages 13+

Saturday, December 27th, Evening

545 Jamaica Me Crazy! [limit 14]
We'll visit a local (Homestead-area) restaurant where we'll enjoy an authentic Jamaican meal! Red Stripe, anyone? Bring $$ for dinner ($12-$20). Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Sat, 6pm-10pm. All ages.

546 Teen Night Sail [teens only]
See the stars aboard a beautiful sailboat (30'-48') with experienced sailors.
Fee $15. Sat, 6pm-Midnight. Teens.

Sunday, December 28th, All Day

605 Day Sail II - Clothing Optional [limit 20]
Sail the warm, protected waters of Biscayne Bay on large (30'-48') sailboats with experienced sailors. Lie back and enjoy the sun or try your hand at the wheel and trimming the sails. We will anchor for lunch and a swimming break. This trip is "Clothing optional"; 105 on Saturday will be "Clothed." We will stop for beer, wine, soft drinks and munchies on the way to the docks. Bring snack $$. Lunch provided.
Fee $38 Sun, 8:30am-5pm. Ages 18+

606 Florida Trail Hike [limit 14]
The Florida Trail in the Big Cypress National Preserve is fantastic! It is home to cypress trees (of course), bromeliads, orchids, snakes, etc. National Park Ranger, resident naturalist, and past SWIM Director Bob Merkel will lead the hike. Wear shoes that don't mind water. Lunch provided.
Fee $6. Sun, 8:30am-4:30pm. Age 13+

Sunday, December 28th, Morning

615 A Butterfly and Insect Walk [no limit]
South Florida at the edge of the tropics has some of the most beautiful butterflies in the continental United States. Ernie Wilson will help us look for these as well as the food plants they depend on. We will also see what other insects we can find in our own South Florida backyard. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring water, mosquito repellent.
Fee $3. Sun, 9:00am-11:00am. Ages 7+

Sunday, December 28th, Afternoon

625 King Mango Strut [no limit]
Absolutely All Ages! A SWIM favorite: Miami's most out-rage-ous, mock-parade provides a surreal and comical all-ages afternoon of entertainment. Bring your kazoos and craziness! Maybe you'll see someone you know. Maybe you'll even be in the parade...
Fee $5. Sun 12:30pm-5:30pm. All Ages!

Sunday, December 28th, Evening

645 Mexican Dinner [limit 14]
We'll visit a local (Homestead-area) restaurant where we'll enjoy an authentic Mexican meal! Bring $$ for dinner ($12-$20). Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Sun, 6pm-10pm. All ages.

646 Night Sail [limit 20]
Sailing at night is very different; the sea is black, the stars are bright, the world is quiet. Bring your musical instruments and strong voices and we'll fill the air with sing-alongs, storytelling and laughter. We'll be aboard comfortable (30'-48') sailboats with experienced sailors. Munchies stop on the way to the docks. Bring $$ for snacks.
Fee $38. Sun, 6pm-Midnight. Ages 18+

Monday, December 29th, All Day

It's Beach Day!

"The beach be one of the best things we got."
- Jonathon Richman

We at SWIM have come to realize that coming together as a community for a day is one of the very best things we can do with our time. We all bring our own perspectives, biases, talents, gifts, likes and dislikes to camp, and on Monday, December 29th, you are invited to bring all of those elements with you to the beach for our 7th annual community picnic and celebration. You may also wish to bring your bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, portable music makers, a good book, a deck of cards, your camera, frisbee, and, most importantly, your sense of play. As we did last year, we'll rent a large shelter by the beach available for shade. Monday morning, our wonderful kitchen staff will provide us with beach picnic fixin's to brown bag. (Anyone staying on-site should also pack a lunch.) Please volunteer to drive a carload if you can. We only have enough van space for the children and teens. There will be a sign-up for volunteers at the registration table. There is a small toll charge for taking the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne and a small parking fee for Crandon Park. In the event of inclement weather, a suitable and amazing substitute community activity will be arranged! Can't handle beaches? No problem. We'll have information on alternative Self-Guided trips at the Info Desk. Or, perhaps, a day of rest and relaxation onsite at Owaissa Bauer instead of going with the SWIM gang to the surf and sand. Of course, Crandon is one of the world's most beautiful beaches...
Free. Mon, time varies by carpool. We'll gather near the dining hall and leave camp at about 10:00am. We'll leave the beach at about 3:00pm to return to camp. All Ages.

Monday, December 29th, Evening

745 Peruvian Dinner [limit 14]
Ceviche, Andean potato dishes, and much's a whole 'nuther cuisine and a whole 'nuther culture. Fee covers cost of transportation only. Bring $$ ($12-$20) for dinner.
Fee $4. Mon, 6pm-10pm. All ages.

Tuesday, December 30th, All Day Long

805 Manatee Bay Canoe [limit 14]
We'll glide out onto the Bay. Water will gurgle, fish will jump, birds will bound, and wind will sigh. Wear bathing suit. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Lunch Provided.
Fee $20 Tues, 8:30am-3:00pm. Ages 13+

806 Learn to Windsurf! [Limit 10 students]
807 Windsurf! Rental Only [Limit 10]
Mark Harris has many, many years of experience teaching this fun and rewarding sport. It does not require great physical strength or balancing skills. You should be able to stand up, sail off and back by the end of the lesson - if you know how, you can come along and just rent, too! Wear bathing suit and wettable shoes. Bring sunscreen - and lots of it! Bring snack $$. Lunch provided.
Fee $40 Tues, 9am-3pm. Ages 13+

Tuesday, December 30th, Morning

815 Snorkeling [limit 14]
On this fantastic snorkeling trip, enjoy the undersea habitat of many different species without having to be certified in anything. Participants must be competent swimmers (pun not intended) in deep water. All equipment is included in the price. Bring waterproof sunscreen. Wetsuits available for an additional $6. Lunch included.
Fee $32. Tues, 8am-2pm. Ages 10+

816 Glass Bottom Boat [limit 14]
Discover the fascinating undersea world of tropical plants and fish aboard a glass bottom boat at John Pennekamp underwater park. Bring waterproof sunscreen. Lunch included.
Fee $32. Tues, 8am-2pm. All Ages.

817 Wildlife Rehab Center - SWIM Service Project! [no limit]
This non-profit center cares for the housing and medical needs of injured and abused panthers, monkeys, tigers, birds. The Center needs volunteers for a multitude of tasks involving the animals. Last year we pulled weeds and stretched fencing for the tiger play area! This project is limited to adults only. Bring gardening gloves if possible. Stop at Robert Is Here on the return trip for fruits and milkshakes. Bring snack $$.
Free. Tues, 8am-Noon. Ages 18+

818 Shark Valley Bike [limit 15]
Bike on a paved trail (15 miles round trip) to an observation tower in the scenic heart of the River of Grass. Learn South Florida geography, birds, wildlife. Bring camera and day pack if possible. If you don't have a bike, you can rent one for approximately 3 hrs at $5.00/hr - not included in fee. Helmet required. Lunch provided.
Fee $5. Tues, 7:30am-1:45pm. Ages 13+

Tuesday, December 30th, Afternoon

825 Local Bike Tour [no limit]
Self-guided tour from Camp Owaissa Bauer heading first to Knaus Berry Farm, the German Baptist bakery and market. (Try their cinnamon buns or maybe a strawberry shake.) Continue to the Fruit and Spice Park. You supply the bike or maybe you can borrow one from a friend at camp! Bicycle helmet required. Great Family Trip.
Fee $1. Tues, 1pm-4pm. Ages 9+, younger if riding in a child seat (not provided) on back of adult's bike

826 North Key Largo Botanical Preserve [limit 14]
Have you ever wondered what the Keys looked like before the Overseas Highway and railroad? Our trip to North Key Largo Preserve will show you. Although the area has been affected by both man and hurricanes, the forest that regenerated is much like what the early Spanish explorers saw and contains many rare plants and animals. Bring mosquito repellent!
Fee $4. Tues, 12:30pm-5:30pm. Ages 13+

827 Women in Water [limit 12]
Relax in the congenial company of SWIM women while enjoying a lovely pool/hot tub at the home of a local SWIM friend. For women only. Clothing optional; privacy assured.
Fee $4. Tues, 1:30pm-4:30pm. Ages 13+

828 Touring the Taps [limit 13]
We'll taste and compare a variety of fresh ales and lagers. Our trip will cover micro-breweries and brew pubs. A designated driver will go with us. Fee covers transportation only. Lunch provided. Bring $$ for beer.
Fee $10. Tues, 12noon-6pm. Ages 21+

Tuesday, December 30th, Evening

845 Cuban Dinner [limit 14]
Treat your taste buds to an authentic Cuban dinner as you can find only in South Florida. This is a can't miss meal! Bring $$ for dinner ($12-$20). Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Tues, 6:00pm-10pm. All Ages.

846 A Night Walk [no limit]
Ernie Wilson will lead us on a brief walk in the dark into the back of Owaissa Bauer to give us a view of the place outside the range of the lights. We attempt to discover what the real night is like in the real Florida and what is out after dark. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring water, mosquito repellent.
Fee $3. Tues, 8:00pm - 9:30pm. Ages 7+

447 Teen Night Canoe [teen program only]
Fee $15. Tues, 11pm-Wed 4am. Teens.

Wednesday, December 31st, All Day

905 Matecumbe Canoe
906 Matecumbe Kayak [limit 14 for both]
As we paddle over to our favorite keys, you are likely to see starfish, stingrays and small sharks. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, snorkel equipment (if possible), and a change of clothes. Lunch provided!
$20 for Canoe, $30 for Kayak. Wed, 8pm-5pm. Ages 13+

907 Art Deco Tour [limit 14]
Miami Beach's Art Deco district has become a major attraction. More than 800 buildings in the 1930's style have strong lines, porthole windows, lots of chrome and etched glass and pastel paint jobs. Our guided walking tour of the district will lead to a leisurely restaurant lunch - Bring $$. (Fee is for transportation only) After lunch, free time to explore on your own: go to the beach, the Wolfsonian Museum, shopping.
Fee $11. Wed, 8:30am-5pm. All ages.

Wednesday, December 31st, Morning

915 Everglades Alligator Farm Airboat Ride [limit 14]
Not only will you go on a "fast and furious" airboat ride into the Glades but you'll also see wildlife exhibits, an alligator show and other shows at this nearby facility. Learn the differences between alligators & crocs and what's really involved in alligator farming. Caution: Airboat speed may make contacts uncomfortable. Optional gift shop $$.
Fee $20. Wed, 8:30am-12noon. Ages 7+

916 Castellow Hammock Hike [limit 14]
Experience the jungle, as the early explorers must have seen it. Ernie Wilson will lead you through this West Indian hardwood park. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring water, mosquito repellent.
Fee $3. Wed, 8:30am-12:30pm. Ages 7+

917 Everglades Bike Tour [limit 14]
Bring, beg, or borrow a bike so you can join Ranger Bob for a delightful morning pedaling through the pinelands and finger glades of Everglades National Park. You'll see wildflowers, endangered tree snails, and (just conceivably) a panther on this (level) 12-mile round trip. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring water, hat, snack, mosquito repellent, and a bike. Helmet required!
Fee $10. Wed, 8:30am-12:30pm. Ages 13+

Wednesday, December 31st, Afternoon

925 Tropical Tour [limit 14]
We'll leave from Owaissa Bauer for a tour of the Redland Agriculture area. We will stop at Robert Is Here fruit stand (bring $$), visit an orchid nursery, and explore an organic farm where we will gather seasonal fruits to share with the SWIM community. Bring $$.
Fee $15. Wed, 1pm-5pm. All ages.

926 Hot Tubbing [no limit]
Our most popular trip! We will return again to Magic Waters, a lavish and immaculately maintained hot tub center. Tub rooms accommodate 6-8 people; the "executive" tub holds 12 and has a sauna adjacent. Magic Waters provides towels, cool showers, hair dryers, and stereo music. No glass containers, soap, shampoo, or oils allowed. Bathing suits optional and unlikely. Bring $$ for snacks.
Fee $25. Wed, 12noon-5pm. All 18+


Social Hour/Fonkey Tyme
Just before dinner, we generally chill out in front of the dining hall and around the tree circle. This is just a good time to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Some afternoons include spontaneous Fonkey Tyme activities. In years past, these have included new games and pie fights. Always expect the unexpected.

Every day, at dinner, you will be greeted with a brand new edition of the SWIM NUUS, full of schedules, reminders, thank you's, human interest and humor IF YOU PUT IT THERE! The editor will collect all the contributions each day by lunchtime. Monday/29th, we'll feature the views of candidates for the SWIM Board.
    The first edition will be in your confirmation packet so, if you want to publish changes, welcomes, don't-forget-to-brings, or other important pre-SWIM information, please get a write-up to Sharon Beecher at ASAP.

Evening worship services bring us together a little while after dinner. Our services tend to be experiential, are frequently outdoors under the canopy of stars, and tend to span that range of religious traditions upon which we Unitarian Universalists draw. Teens and youth usually provide special worship services, as do ministers and other groups within the SWIM community. The worship themes and schedules are not set as of press time, but may be listed online.

Evenings, after Worship, special nighttime events begin for each and every one of us. The logs in the...

...are lit at 8:30pm, illuminating an hour of song and story-telling led by our beloved leprechaun, Pete Leary. Pete is inviting all in-the-closet and out-of-the-closet performers to bring their voices, instruments, and talents to share with the gentle kindred spirits around the campfire. Besides some new songs, he may give brief Yodeling lessons. All are invited to experience this exciting and primal return to the ancient ways of community celebration.
    After the warmth and coziness of the campfire the only thing to do is DANCE! 9:30 is the magic hour when Cinderella's pumpkin becomes a coach and our dining hall becomes...

...It's what we call it and exhilarating is what it is. On most evenings, we'll gyrate rhythmically - from 9:30 pm til 1:00 am - to beats from around the world and throughout time. This is when we rediscover the dance moves genetically buried in our tired bodies and thrill as new combinations and energies emerge. Leap onto the dance floor or be drawn in aurally as the nightly beat goes on.
    Each night, guest DJs (you!), under the gentle tutelage of one of our experienced SWIM DJs, will rip the air with dancable tunes, old and new, utilizing cutting edge MP3 technology. Don't miss a chance to be part of this nightly scene!
    As well as this nightly explosion of entertainment there will be Special Events. Sunday night, we'll share talents at the annual Coffee House. Monday after Beach Day, the teens are hosting a Blue Hawaii Dance Party. Tuesday will bring our 3rd Annual SWIM Auction Night. Of course, wednesday is our annual New Year's Eve Party.
    By 1am, some of us, too wired to go to sleep, will want to creep into the...

SWIM '03 Film Festival
...where a film of timely significance hosted by Lyle Baskin will be shown most nights at 1am followed by a discussion sleeping.
    And so, with this overheated description of nightlife, we welcome you all to be a part of it. We'll need your songs and instruments for campfire and coffee house. We'll also need your tapes, CDs, and MP3's for the nightly music-mix. And we'll need your DJ alter ego up on the music control deck.
    Plus we'll need your decoration and fashion skills for the New Year's Party. And your enthusiasm and love to make it all work...

New Year's Eve Celebration
On New Year's Eve, from 8pm to 10pm, the Dining Hall will be closed so that spontaneous volunteers and New Year's Eve Decoration workshop participants can continue decorating for the New Year's festivities. Doors open at 10pm and we'll ring in the New Year in style. Wear your New Year's best! Free champagne or Non-Alcoholic alternative for Winners of Best Costume and Best Sense of Style Contests at 11pm. Midnight snacks will be available while they last.
    Unregistered guest of SWIM participants may attend our New Year's Eve celebration for a fee of $35. This is not a fee for food and drink. This fee only covers SWIM overhead for the evening and a light snack while available. It's our way to open SWIM up to friends and family who might have conflicting commitments during SWIM this year but want a taste of SWIM for next year!