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Before & After SWIM

Transportation to and from the Airport

Transportation and travel instructions are on the back cover of the brochure, next to the map! Or see the Directions on this website.

Christmas Day (also known as December 25th)

Owaissa Bauer is not available until December 26th, but many of us like to congregate in Miami a bit earlier. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Miami, with which we are affiliated, lets us join them for a reception for our participants, a glorious turkey dinner, and home hospitality for over-night stays.

You must register in advance for dinner and accommodations. The dinner costs $8 per adult and $5 per child under 13 and must be included in your advance registration fee. It is held at the Miami church. From 826, take the Sunset Dr. (SW 72 Ave.) exit east. Turn right at the first street (SW 75–76 Ave.) at the small UU sign. Follow the road around a couple of curves to the church at 7701 SW 76th Avenue.

Home hospitality costs $8 per person per night. Please state your age and whether you have special needs, such as a bed rather than floor space for your sleeping bag. Much of our home hospitality space is shared floor space but we do have some volunteers willing to share their homes with extra bedrooms and extra beds. If you don’t know who to call about home hospitality, please call the registrar or the director.

After SWIM

Yes, it will all come to an end on New Year’s Day. We hope that you will leave Owaissa Bauer revitalized and refreshed but, for many of us, New Year’s morning is not a time characterized by energy and wakefulness. Many members of our community live not far from the main roads we take to drive home. Some of them will offer their homes for much-needed sleep as you travel. At closing circle we will ask those who have homes to share to step forward.

We do not want anyone to drive when they are over-tired and sleepy, so please take advantage of their kindness! This year we have space on the registration form for you to volunteer your home, and we will post a list by December 30th so that everyone can make preliminary plans.

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