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SWIM 2000 Outdoor Adventures

We have planned many exciting things for our community to do in the greater Miami area, which includes Everglades National Park, the Florida Keys, and Biscayne Bay. Some of these trips are quite adventurous while others are quite tame—be sure you read the descriptions carefully to be certain the trip matches your abilities. Some of our trips require advance reservations, and others may fill because of their tremendous popularity. You should register early for your Outdoor Adventures to ensure that you have a place and that they are not canceled. You may add a trip any time the Outdoor Adventures staff is working (not in the shower or at dinner!) up to the time the trip leaves.

We will be in South Florida in December—this means that the weather will be either wet or dry and the temperatures will probably be somewhere between 32° and 90°. We expect sunshine in the 70’s, but we can’t promise. So you should bring clothing which can be layered for warmth and for protection from wind and rain if necessary, and which can be shed as the temperature and your physical efforts increase.

Most trips will require shoes. For most hiking and water adventures you should wear shoes that don’t mind getting wet. Flip-flops and loose sandals may be great for the beach, but they are dangerous when they are worn on a swamp walk. Sturdy tied shoes are needed for hiking! On swamp walks, you can count on your shoes getting soaked.

With the exception of trips that specify that you must bring money for meals, any adventure that extends over meal times at Owaissa Bauer will include culinary delights packed by our excellent kitchen staff.

We rent vans which are used by our entire community for their programs. Outdoor Adventures uses these when they are available, but many of our trips must carpool. We need volunteers to drive on those trips! Yes, you are on vacation, but so are we, and when we ask for volunteer drivers, we hope you will volunteer for the good of SWIM. We are happy to reimburse these volunteer carpool drivers an amount per person approximately equivalent to $1 per 15 minutes of driving time to the destination. If you wish to volunteer to drive your own car and take others with you, please let Karyn Machler know prior to the event. Volunteer drivers in carpools must refrain from the use of alcohol and must provide their license number and car insurance company.

Outdoor adventures leave on time - or even early! Come to the dining hall porch 10 minutes before your trip is scheduled to leave with all required clothing, equipment, water, and any extras you may find useful. Once we have counted heads, written checks for outfitters, and given away space in the vehicles, your chance to go is over!

Children are welcome on many of our trips. Age restrictions are included in the trip descriptions. If you are leaving children at camp, they must be under the care of a responsible adult. If your trip will extend beyond the times for youth programming you must make arrangements for their care and supervision.

Trip numbers indicate the day of the trip. 500’s are the 27th/Wednesday, 600’s are the 28th/Thursday, 700’s are the 29th/Friday, 800’s are the 30th/Saturday, and 900’s are New Year’s Eve/Sunday.

Wednesday December 27th, All Day

531 Day Sail I – Clothed [limit 20]
Sail the warm, protected waters of Biscayne Bay on large (30’–48’) sailboats with experienced sailors. Lie back and enjoy the sun or try your hand at the wheel and trimming the sails. We will anchor for lunch and a swimming break. This trip is "Clothed"; 631 on Thursday will be "Clothing optional." We will stop for beer, wine, soft drinks and munchies on the way to the docks. Bring snack $$. Lunch provided.
Fee: $30 Wednesday, 8:30am–5pm. Ages 13+

532 Big Pine Key Hike [limit 14]
Big Pine Key is home to the Florida Key Deer, a diminutive White Tail Deer about medium-dog size. Enjoy a walk through Gumbo Limbo Hammock and Manchineel Forest, which is loaded with bromeliads. After lunch we’ll go into a rare cactus hammock. These are wonderfully diverse habitats. Bring snacks $$. Lunch provided.
Fee $10. Wednesday 8am–6pm. Ages 13+

Wednesday December 27th, Morning

511 Owaissa Bauer Walk [no limit]
At SWIM, there is a lot to see in our own back yard! A naturalist will take us on a trek through the tropical hardwood hammock, the pinelands, the poisonwood areas, and the "solution holes" or "bear caves" on the camp property. You’ll be amazed at the incredible diversity of plant life that thrives in our corner of S. Florida.
Fee $3. Wednesday, 8:15am–10am. Great Family Trip. All Ages.

512 Snorkeling [limit 14]
On this exclusive snorkeling trip, enjoy the undersea habitat of many different species without having to be certified in anything. Participants must be competent swimmers (pun not intended) in deep water. All equipment is included in the price. Bring waterproof sunscreen. Wetsuits available for an additional $6. Lunch included.
Fee $32. Wednesday, 8am–2pm. Ages 10+

Wednesday December 27th, Afternoon

521 Local Bike Tour [no limit]
Semi-self-guided tour from Camp Owaissa Bauer heading first to Knaus Berry Farm, the German Baptist bakery and market. (Try their cinnamon buns or maybe a strawberry shake.) Continue to the Fruit and Spice Park. You supply the bike or maybe you can borrow one from a friend at camp! Bicycle helmet required.
Fee $1. Wednesday, 1pm–4pm. Great Family Trip. Ages 9+, younger if riding in child seat (not provided) on back of adult’s bike

522 Archery [no limit]
Calling all Robin Hoods! Walk next door to the home of the Everglades Archery Club and spend the afternoon being instructed by the enthusiastic members. This is a bull’s-eye of fun!
Fee $10. Wednesday, 1pm–4pm. Ages 13+

Wednesday December 27th, Evening

541 Night Sail [limit 20]
Sailing at night is very different; the sea is black, the stars are bright, the world is quiet. Bring your musical instruments and strong voices and we’ll fill the air with sing-alongs, storytelling and laughter. We’ll be aboard comfortable (30’–48’) sailboats with experienced sailors. Munchies stop on the way to the docks. Bring $$ for snacks.
Fee $27. Wednesday, 6pm–Midnight. Ages 18+

542 Cuban Dinner [limit 14]
Treat your tastebuds to an authentic Cuban dinner as you can find only in South Florida. This is a can’t miss meal! Bring $$ for dinner ($12–$20). Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Wednesday, 6:00pm–10pm. All Ages.

Thursday December 28th, All Day

631 Day Sail II – Clothing Optional [limit 20]
Sail the warm, protected waters of Biscayne Bay on large (30’–48’) sailboats with experienced sailors. Lie back and enjoy the sun or try your hand at the wheel and trimming the sails. We will anchor for lunch and a swimming break. This trip is "Clothing optional"; 531 on Wednesday will be "Clothed." We will stop for beer, wine, soft drinks, and munchies on the way to the docks. Bring snacks $$. Lunch provided.
Fee $30. Thursday, 8:30am–5pm. Ages 18+

632 Shark Slough/Loop Road Adventure [limit 14]
Take a leisurely day trip to see the best of Everglades National Park and the mysterious Big Cypress Preserve. Ranger Bob will be your guide. Alligators. wading birds and wildlife galore plus a stop at Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery. Bring water, snacks, camera, binocs. Bring snack $$. Lunch provided.
Fee: $19 includes tram ride. Thursday, 7:30am–4pm. Ages 7+

Thursday December 28th, Morning

611 Bradley Key Canoe [limit 16]
Paddling across Florida Bay from Flamingo we’ll watch for seabirds, sharks and dolphins. After landing on the shelly beach, there’ll be time to explore the key’s interior and perhaps recall Guy Bradley. He was martyred near there almost a century ago protecting egrets from the plume hunters. Bring wettable shoes, water, sunscreen, bug repellent. Lunch provided.
Fee: $20 Thursday, 7:45am–2pm. Ages 13+

612 Shark Valley Bike [limit 15]
Bike on a paved trail (15 miles round trip) to an observation tower in the scenic heart of the River of Grass. Learn South Florida geography, birds, wildlife. Bring camera and day pack if possible. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one for approximately 3 hrs at $4.50/hr—not included in fee. Helmet required. Lunch provided.
Fee $5. Thursday, 7:30am–1:45pm. Ages 13+

Thursday December 28th, Afternoon

621 Nine Mile Pond Canoe [limit 16]
A great trip for the not-too-experienced canoeist, although ingenuity and resourcefulness may be required. Some paddling instruction will be included at the start. Nine-Mile Pond itself is an excellent spot for alligators and bird life. Beyond, the trail twists and turns through a maze of mangrove clumps in the sawgrass glades...definitely not your ordinary trail. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Lunch provided.
Fee $20. Thursday, 12noon–5pm. Ages 13+

622 Russian Baths [limit 14]
Relax in luxury. This spa, located at a Miami Beach hotel, offers a Russian Radiant Room, Aromatherapy Steam Room, Turkish Room, Redwood Sauna, and Swedish Showers. Topless permitted and likely. Additional services (massage, etc.) available at additional cost. Bring $$$ for lunch and snacks.
Fee: $24. Thursday, 1:30pm–5:30pm. Ages 18+

623 Tropical Tour [limit 15]
We’ll be picked up at Owaissa Bauer in a "farm vehicle" for a 11/2 hour tour of the Redland Agriculture Area. We will visit an organic farm, a tropical fruit grove, and an orchid nursery, and get to pick and enjoy fresh tomatoes. Bring snack $$.
Fee: $12. Thursday, 1pm–5pm. All ages.

Thursday December 28th, Evening

641 Teen Night Sail
Sailing at night is very different; the sea is black, the stars are bright, the world is quiet. Bring your musical instruments and strong voices and we’ll fill the air with sing-alongs, storytelling and laughter. We’ll be aboard comfortable (30’–48’) sailboats with experienced sailors. Munchies stop on the way to the docks. Bring $ for snacks. This trip is subsidized by SWIM so that all participants in the teen program can go.
Fee $15. Thursday, 6pm–Midnight. Ages 13–18.

642 Mexican Dinner [limit 14]
We’ll visit a local (Homestead-area) restaurant where we’ll enjoy an authentic Mexican meal! Bring $$ for dinner ($12–$20). Fee is for transportation only.
Fee: $4. Thursday, 6pm–10pm. All ages.

Friday December 29th, All Day

731 Keys Adventure Canoe [limit 16]
On the paddle over to our favorite keys you are likely to see starfish, stingrays, and small sharks. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, snorkel equipment (if possible) and a change of clothes. Wear bathing suit. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Lunch provided.
Fee $30. Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. Ages 13+

732 Island Adventure Sea Kayak [limit 10]
See description above. Previous kayaking experience recommended. Wear bathing suit. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Lunch provided.
Fee $35. Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. Ages 13+

733 Florida Trail Hike [limit 14]
The Florida Trail in the Big Cypress National Preserve is fantastic! It is home to cypress trees (of course), bromeliads, orchids, snakes, etc. Resident naturalist and past SWIM director Bob Merkel will lead the hike. Wear shoes that don’t mind water. Lunch provided.
Fee $6. Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. Age 13+

Friday December 29th, Morning

711 Thai Buddhist Monastery [limit 14]
We’ll visit a local Buddhist temple for a period of meditation and conversation with the monks. This monastery is about 10 minutes from Owaissa Bauer.
Fee: $2. Friday, 9:30am–12noon. Ages 13+

712 Airboat Ride at Everglades Alligator Farm [limit 15]
Not only will you go on a "fast and furious" airboat ride into the Glades but you’ll also see wildlife exhibits (i.e., world record 91-pound softshelled turtle), an alligator show and other shows at this nearby facility. Learn the differences between alligators & crocs and what’s really involved in alligator farming. Caution: Airboat speed may make contacts uncomfortable. Optional gift shop $$.
Fee: $15 Friday, 8:30am–12noon. Ages 7+

713 In-Line Skating [limit 14]
Skate the tropics of South Florida on South Miami Beach. We will cover all the basics and have everyone skating by the end of the trip. Skate rentals (about $15) not included in fee. Bring snack $$.
Fee: $5. Friday, 8am–12:30pm. Ages 13+

Friday December 29th, Afternoon

721 Touring the Taps [limit 13]
Taste and compare a wide variety of fresh ales and lagers, led by Jon Hoskin, veteran beer tasting maven.Trip will cover micro breweries and brew pubs. A designated driver will go with us to drive. Fee covers cost of transportation. Lunch provided from camp. Bring $$$$ for beer.
Suggested Reading: http://www.clemson.edu/~hoskin/beer.htm
Fee $10. Friday, 12noon–6pm. Ages 21+

722 Drum Exhibit [limit 14]
We’ll visit the Historical Museum of Southern Florida where we will view a bilingual exhibit which highlights the preservation and transformation of African musical traditions in the Caribbean. Featured are more than 80 rare musical instruments, including hand-painted sacred and secular drums, rattles, and other percussion instruments from the Caribbean, South America, and West Africa.
Fee $7 for Ages 6–12, $10 for Ages 13+. Friday, 1pm–5pm. All ages.

723 Women in Water [limit 12]
Relax in the congenial company of SWIM women while enjoying a lovely pool at the home of a local SWIM friend. For women only. Clothing optional.
Fee $4. Friday, 1pm–5pm. Ages 13+

Friday December 29th, Evening

741 Jamaica Me Crazy! [limit 14]
Come enjoy an authentic Jamaican Yard-Style Dinner at the home of hosts Mary Figuera and Mark Robinson! Fee includes both transportation and meal. Red Stripe, anyone?
Fee $17. Friday, 6pm–10pm. All ages.

Saturday December 30th, All Day

831 Miami Beach Excursion [limit 14]
Yes, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District is a major attraction. Over 800 buildings in the 1930’s style of strong lines, porthole windows, lots of chrome, etched glass, and pastel paint jobs. Our guided walking tour of the district will lead to a leisurely restaurant lunch – bring $$ for lunch. After lunch, free time to explore on your own, go to the beach, nearby Wolfsonian Museum, and shopping. Bring swim suit, extra $$.
Fee $16 includes tour. Saturday 8:45am–5pm. All ages.

832 Junque-It [limit 10]
We’ll wander through antique stores in the "quaint" historic disctrict of Homestead. If there is enough interest, we’ll make a thrift store run. Bring $$ for lunch in a Victorian cottage. Fee is for transportation only. Carole G. Anderson, who collects junque routinely, will lead this trek for treasures.
Fee $2. Saturday 10am–3pm. All ages.

Saturday December 30th, Morning

811 Wildlife Rehabilitation Center [limit 14]
The WRC is dedicated to the care, medical needs, and housing of abused and injured animals. It specializes in large felines and houses more than 15 cougars and many smaller animals. Staff will introduce you to some of the animals and explain about how they got there and how they are rehabilitated. Our fee includes a donation to the WRC.
Fee $6. Saturday 8am–12noon. All ages.

812 Steamboat Creek Canoe [limit 16]
Canoe trip through winding creeks in the mangrove forest between Card Sound & Barnes Sound. Lots of wildlife! Wear bathing suit. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.
Fee $20. Saturday 8am–12:15pm. Ages 13+

813 Pineland Bike Tour [limit 12]
This 14-mile (round trip) trail in the Everglades pinelands is a wonderfully different biking experience and a new way of seeing the incredible diversity of life in this highest (about 8 ft above sea level), driest part of the Park. Bring bike*, water, snacks, camera, sunscreen. Helmet required. Bring snack $$.
Fee: $5 with your own bike, $7 with clunker.* Saturday, 8am–12:30pm. Ages 13+ * We can get a limited number of old bikes – no complaints please.

Saturday December 30th, Afternoon

821 Alabama Jack’s [no limit]
Join the local folks for a good time – conch fritters and chowder, drinks, live country music, dancing/clogging and lots of fun. It’s in an open-air, rustic setting on Barnes Sound next to Card Sound Bridge. Bring $$$ for food and beverages. Fee is for transportation only.
Fee $4. Saturday 1pm–6pm. Ages 13+

822 Manatee Bay Canoe [limit 16]
We’ll glide out onto the Bay. The water will gurgle, the fish will jump, birds will abound, and the wind will sigh. Wear bathing suit. Bring wettable shoes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.
Fee $20. Saturday 12:15pm–5:30pm. Ages 13+

823 Nature’s Cathedral [limit 14]
Hike through sawgrass into a cypress dome with water to your hips. See ferns and orchids in the most beautiful part of the Everglades. You’ll forget you’re wet when you are with leader Chuck Harty in this cathedral of nature. Wear wettable long pants, shirt, old sneakers. Bring a change of clothes.
Fee $6. Saturday 1pm–5pm. Ages 13+

Saturday December 30th, Evening

841 Peruvian Dinner [limit 14]
Ceviche, Andean potato dishes, and much more...it’s a whole ’nuther cuisine and a whole ’nuther culture. Fee covers cost of transportation only. Bring $$$$ ($12–$20) for dinner.
Fee $4. Saturday, 6pm–10pm. All ages.

Sunday December 31st, Morning

911 Biscayne Bay Wilderness Canoe [limit 16]
The bay edge mangrove labyrinths are havens for fish and waterbirds. Depending on wind and tide we may negotiate fantastic shallow lagoons, creeks, and maybe a nearby island.
Fee $20. Sunday 8am–12:30pm. Ages 13+

912 Plain Old Beach Trip [limit 14]
Crandon is one of Florida’s most natural beaches. Great for walking, swimming, relaxing. Bring a suit, towel, sunscreen and a book to enjoy.
Fee $5. Sunday 8am–12noon. All ages.

913 Deering Estate Nature Tour [no limit]
Enjoy a walk through historic Addison’s Hammock to a pre-Columbian Tequesta indian burial mound and a remnant area of endangered Pine Rockland. You’ll be amazed at the tropical life here. This site on the shore of Biscayne Bay is an exquisite 420-acre environmental and historic preserve. Bring water, camera, sunscreen.
Fee $8. Sunday 9:15am–12:30pm. All ages.

Sunday December 31st, Afternoon

921 King Mango Strut [no limit]
Miami’s most out-rage-ous, mock-parade provides a surreal and comical all-ages finale to the perfect SWIM. And this year we’ll be recognizing some of our own teens strutting their mangos! The Miami Herald says, "Once again a parade of parodies will be laughing its way down Coconut Grove come 1:30 p.m. New Years Eve. This year’s theme will be ’2001: A Spaced-Out Odyssey.’ Among the attractions will be the Citrus Canker Nazis Eradicators and the chain saw choir and King Orange pulling Florida’s very last orange tree."
Fee $5. Sunday 12:45pm–4:30pm. Absolutely All Ages!

922 Hot Tubbing [no limit]
Our most popular trip! We will return again to Magic Waters, a lavish and immaculately maintained hot tub center. Tub rooms accommodate 6–8 people; the "executive" tub holds 12 and has a sauna adjacent. Magic Waters provides towels, cool showers, hair dryers, and stereo music. No glass containers, soap, shampoo, or oils allowed. Bathing suits optional and unlikely. Bring $$ for snacks.
Fee $20. Sunday 12noon–5pm. Ages 18+

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