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A Message from the Board

The Board welcomes you to SWIM 2000, The Circle of Life. The first SWIM of the new century will have new beginnings for us also. Camp Owaissa Bauer has been painted, the directors torch has been passed to a new director, and we have many new staff members. The wheel of the year continues to turn. Come and make new friends and re-connect with old ones.

SWIM continues to evolve, creating new traditions, and celebrating existing traditions. Come for a week of spirituality, adventures in a tropical paradise, learning new things, dancing, campfires, and FUN!

SWIM does not just happen; it is an intentional intergenerational community brought about by the loving, caring, and energy of the participants. It is a serendipitous meeting of where magic can happen. Come and be a part of this diverse community. Start the century with an incredible experience!

Marty McAnulty
Board President, Registrar, Director Elect 2002


The SWIM community elects a Board of Trustees, who set policy, create bylaws, prepare an annual budget, seek to ensure the health of the organization, and appoint the Director, who in turn selects the Staff who operate our week of intergenerational intentional community each year from December 26th to January 1st.

SWIM Board of Trustees for 2000
Marty McAnulty, President/South Florida Cluster Rep through 2000/Director-Elect 2002
Coleen Murphy, Previous Director/Board Secretary
Elizabeth Hargrave, Treasurer
Amy Kutab, Teen Rep through 2000
Holly (Acebo) Messenger, At-Large Trustee through 2000
Jack Bazuzi, At-Large Trustee through 2001
Pat Keller, At-Large Trustee through 2002
Janice McArthur, Florida District Rep through 2001
Dee Medley, Director, SWIM 2000, SWIM 2001

Election to the SWIM Board of Trustees:

Teen Representative and At-Large Trustees

The Teen Rep is nominated by the teens in the Teen Program and elected by the community at large for a one-year term. At-Large Trustees are elected for terms of three years and as needed to complete unexpired terms. All trustees must attend annouced board meetings and all SWIMs during their terms. Each candidate must be an active member of a UUA society and must have been a staff member or workshop leader during the past three years. The Florida District of the UUA and the South Florida Cluster of the Florida District of the UUA also elect one trustee each to the SWIM Board of Trustees at their annual meetings every three years. Highly energetic campaigning is discouraged.

December 27th Nominations due in writing to Secretary

December 28th Nominations for teen rep due to Secretary

December 29th Candidates may publish their views at SWIM

December 30th Members of the SWIM community vote

December 31st The results of the election are announced

January 1st Annual Board of Trustees Election Meeting

Council of UU Camps and Conferences

SWIM participates in this group, usually called CU2C2, which was formed to provide non-monetary support for our efforts in establishing and running programs for UU community. Each registration fee includes an assessment which is used as SWIM's membership fee in this organization. More information is available from Dee Medley and Marty McAnulty, this year's delegates to the annual CU2C2 conference, or from Jake Haun, a member of the CU2C2 board.

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